~Valéria jogged through the forest swiftly, dodging trees. Her feet barely made a sound, as she’d been training hard to move silently. She ran her fingers though her bangs, pulling them out of her eyes, but her long brown hair, tied loosely in a braid, bounced back into her face with the rhythm of her movement. Valéria’s mind slowly started to loose focus and she smiled dazedly to herself. She little by little slowed down to a brisk stride. ~ Bradly sat on the top branch of a high birch tree, observing the scenery of the other canopies and fields for miles around. He tossed his dagger up and down in his hand; catching it by the hilt only half the time. ~ Valéria came across a clearing covered with cattails. She walked into the center and lay down in the moist grass. She looked up at the sky, and sighed. ~ Bradly stared off onto the distance; his dagger shinning in the elegant sun and reflecting light off the blade. The sheen traveled down through the canopy below. ~ Valéria sighed again and opened her eyes. She sat up slowly surprised she’d fallen asleep. She squints as a light shines directly into her eyes. She stood up and turned towards were it was coming from. She frowned to herself, a little concerned and walked towards it. ~ Bradly looked back to his dagger and stared at it as bounced up and down in the air. He thought about the work that gone into it the efforts of his father. He was lost deep thought and his outside sense eluded him. ~ Valéria looked around warily, but didn’t see anything, so she simply sat down among the roots of a Birch tree. ~ Bradly sensed movement below him in the wood and it snapped him out of his bemused state. He looked down, beneath him, forgetting the dagger that spun in and started it’s trip back down to his hand. It slices his palm and plummeted down into the woods below. ~ Valéria: She jumped, preparing to dodge an attack and turned her head to look at where it’s come from. She bent down and picked up the polished dagger. She looks up and saw a boy. Knowing from her own age and amount of skill she possessed, she backed into the shadows ~ Bradly’s eyes followed his dagger until he lost site of it through the branches. He then looked at his bloody hand and cringes at his clumsiness rather than the pain. “My dagger,” he cried out in his British accent. ~ Valéria looked at the dagger in her hand then up into the tree. She reached up and climbed into the tree. She sat on a branch below ‘him’. She reached up a hand and handed off the dagger. She turned back to the ground and prepared herself to jump down. ~ Bradly paused before he took the dagger and looks into the eyes that hung in the shadows for a moment. He then took it and watched as they disappeared. “Wait!” he calls after her. ~ Valéria stopped and looked back up at him. She struggled trying to decided weather to answer or not and then-- "Y--yes?" ~ Bradly looked down into the area she should be for a moment, stunned by how soft her voice was. “Why are you leaving so soon?” He had completed forgotten about the pain in his hand for the moment. ~ Valeria smiled smugly, trying to muffle a laugh “I assumed you wouldn't want me to stick around,” she said mockingly. ~ “What!? How could I not want you to stay a bit longer? I bet you would make great company for a lonely one such as my self,” he teased back. He offered her a hand up and smiled brightly. ~ Valéria smiled at him and there eyes meet for a few seconds. She blinks and looks away and rather than jump, she started climbing down. “Well, I'll be sure to keep ‘you’ company.” ~ Bradly smiled as there eyes met and is surprised him when she looks away. “You don't have to if you don't want to,” he called after her sarcastically. He stuffed his dagger back into his belt and started climbing down after her. “But it would be nice!” ~ “Well, I would love to stay,” she said acerbically and smiled up at him, their eyes meet again. “But I wouldn't want to bother you.” ~ “Oh heaven’s, no! Please stay,” he grinned at her flirtatiously as she turns away him. “I would absolutely love to have someone of your exquisite beauty in my company.” ~ Valéria laughed as her feet touched the ground. “Beware,” she snickered. “I tend to get tad ‘boring’.” ~ Bradly looked at her with mock-curiosity. “How could you ever get boring?” He teased and smiled at her once again. ~ Valéria smiled arrogantly back “Easily…” ~ Bradly looked away and shook his head in discussed. He jerked to the left and his hand slipped, reminding him of the pain of his slashed hand and it started to flair up once again. He grasps his bloody hand and winces at it, the blood not stopping. He lost grip on the tree and feel the rest of the way to the earth. ~ Valéria looks down at him and shook her head with a growing smirk. She ripped his hand from his grasp and looked it over. "May I?" He placed her free hand over the open cut and dabbed her fingers in the blood. The wound began to heal.~