Moreadhiel: Lays in the tall spring grass in the coll night, noises gone quiet all around her. She stares up at the stars and takes a deep breath of the crisp night air. ~ Vaerulf Aitvar: He relaxes beneath the night sky, his gaze clouded by thoughts. ~ Moreadhiel: She sighs heavily and can't concentrat on anything other then what had occured earlier that day. Her eyes a little worried. ~ Vaerulf Aitvar: He closes his eyes, then leans forward over the lake to douse his fair skin with the water. Fully awake, he sits up, his legs tucked beneath him as he remains kneeling. He observes his surroundings, his gaze passing unfalteringly over the girl in the distance. ~ Moreadhiel: She hears a slight disterbance of her surroundings, the water ripple. She thinks nothing of it and assums it to be a fish. She continus to star-gaze. Her short ebony hair covering one eye. ~ Vaerulf Aitvar: He gets to his feet, noticing that the girl seemed upset. He paused briefly, glancing about as though for someone in particular. Seeming disappointed that no one was around, he continued towards the girl. ~ Moreadhiel: She had started hugging a soft elven tune to herself a few moment befor he had gotten to his feet. She continues to stare aimlessly up to the stretch of black, in deep thought. ~ Vaerulf Aitvar: He clasps his hands in front of him, holding them up to pursed lips to try and warm them. "It's a bit too chilly for you to be out here without anything warm on, isn't it, little miss?" He gets on one knee beside her, noticing her attire. ~ Moreadhiel: She glances over at him, turning only her head. Laying beside him. She then smiles abit, giggleing some. She turns her gaze back to the stars. "I'm not really affected by the cold. You seem to be though." She looks back over at him, observing his features and posture. ~ Vaerulf Aitvar: He chuckles, arching a dark brow. He pulls up his hood, concealing dark shoulder-length hair and dark violet eyes. "Are you sure?" He takes another glance about the clearing, once again a look of disappointment appearing on his face. "Shall we head inside?" He indicates the tavern. ~ Moreadhiel: Sits up, putting her arms behind her for support. She *beep* her head abit and grins slightly. "`Tis would be a pleasure to accompany someone as yeself to the Tavern." Her amber eyes burn like tinder that had just been stoaked. She awaits for his response. ~ Vaerulf Aitvar: He seems taken aback by her odd manners, convinced she was only so young. "Ah, well, alright, then." He rises, offering a hand to help her up. ~ Moreadhiel: She takes his hand, pushing herself the rest of the way. Once she is on her feet she looks up at him, realizing that he is nearly twice her highth. "I'm short compared to you." She looks down at her feet and sighs. ~ Vaerulf Aitvar: He chuckles, looking down at her. "How old are you?" He queries, beginning to walk towards the tavern. ~ Moreadhiel: Her gaze dosn't raise from the dewwy grass as they walk, her voice is shy, pointing out her nervousness. "I'm 19. And me name is Moreadhiel, just to let ye know." She dosn't turn her stare to any other place but then where it is. Her pace is quick, keeping up with his long stride. ~ Vaerulf Aitvar: He looks down at her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright?" ~ Moreadhiel: She drops her head even more at his touch and turns away slightly, trying to hide her flushed out face. "Yes, I'm fine." Her voice is timid still. ~ Vaerulf Aitvar: