Rianie : *lays gingerly in a meadow of brightly colored flowers. Her hood over her eyes, shielding them from the sun. Her hands up behind her head* ~ James: *he walks through the forest, then comes up upon a meadow. He sense someone else there, he continues to walk.* ~ Rianie : *She feels the vibrations of his footsteps resinate through the ground and reach her. She sits and and puts her hood back a little to reveal her eyes. She looks at him, a brow raised* ~ James: *he looks down at Ria, his smiles his coy though his eyes are dangerous.* Hello m'lady. ~ Rianie : *She looks up at him from where she sits in the meadow. Her hood still lifted a tad to reveal her eyes partially.* Allo lord....*implying for his name* ~ James: *he sits down in front of her, he smiles still.* What is your name lady? ~ Rianie : *She continues to look at his face with her hands just like in the picy. She watches him as he sits down. not taking her eyes off him* M'names Rianie, You may call me Ria if ye so wish... ~ James: *he nods, thinking of something and he laughs softly.* Rianie, interesting name. ~ Rianie : *She looks at him. tilting her head to the side a tad in confusion* What's so funny about m'name? And I still havnt caught your name, sir. ~ James: Your name isn't funny at all, it's just the thought that came to mind.*his smile falters* My name is James. ~ Rianie : *She lowers one hand and pulls her hood down all the way to rest on her shoulders. She then shakes her head a tad, ruffleing her wavy blonde hair. She looks back over at him* Oh? And what thought was that? And may I say that is quite a handsom name....James. ~ James: Oh, if I told you my thought it wouldn't be mine anymore.*he runs his fingers through his hair.* ~ Rianie {Andy}: *She leans over and puts a hand on his shoulder and the other right below. Resting her chin on his shoulder and looking up at him* Awww, Please tell me, James. *Hes voice is soft* ~ James: *he reaches up and brushes his fingers along her cheek, then pulls it away.* No.*he leans into her face, brushing his cheek against hers.* ~ Rianie : *She smiles and closes her eyes as he touches her. Then opens her eyes once more to look at him* Why not? *Gives him the puppy dog look* ~ James: *he catches her puppy dog pout, he laughs pulling away slightly.* If I told you, I'd have to hurt you. And well, I don't want to do that, not just yet anyway. ~ Rianie : *She sits up straight as she hears his words. She tilts her head to the side a bit and raises a brow at him in confusion* What do you meen hurt me? Would you? *She puts her hands on her chest and gasps slightly while speaking* ~ James: *he smiles, it is suddenly dark and dangerous. His fangs have slipped out, but he doesn't show them. He leans to whisper her ear, taking her hand that lays on her chest.* Maybe, I would. Maybe I won't. It just depends. ~ Rianie : *She tenses as he whispers to her. Her eyes wide with fear. She catches the glint of his fangs as he speaks from the corner of her eye. She lets hers out, feeling she may need them for protection.* Please don't........I would prefer to be here with you than be harmed.... ~ James: *he spies her fangs, he pulls back his smile slips away his eyes are dark.* ~ Rianie : *She notices a change in him and leans forward to get a front view of his face. She sees that his eyes are dark. She grasps his hand firmly, tightening her grip from befor.* Whats t'matter m'lord? ~ James: *he pulls his hand from hers, looking off to the side while turning his head. He shuts his eyes, his stomach churning with the hunger he is fighting.* ~ Rianie : *She bows her head and allows her bangs to fall in his face. Reading the expression on his face like the pages in a book. She leans her head to the side and exposes her neck. She points to it with her finger, brushing her hair out of the way* Here.....Go ahead. I don't mind....Really ~ James: *he looks at her, shaking his head.* It's never that fun willingly.*he looks away from her neck, biting his tongue until he draws blood.* ~ Rianie : *She lets her hair fall back over her shoulder. And turns to face him. What do you mean willingly? *She scootches over to him and puts her hands on his shoulder and rests her chin on them. Looking up at him* We could make it challanging if you want. ~ James: Yes, willingly is never fun. I'd like to mess and tease the person before harming them. Or at least doing so in the process. *he releases his fangs from his tongue so he can talk. He still doesn't look at her, clenching his fists tightly.* How would I do that?*he finally looks at her, his eyes ruby red from hunger.* ~ Rianie : *She looks up at his stunning eyes. She smiles big and closes her eyes tightly in the process. Letting her fangs shimmer in the sunlight* I don't know. *She opens her eyes and looks up at him. She pushes him back with a hand. She then crawls over to him and looks down apon his face* ~ James: *he is surprised when he finds himself on the ground with Ria on top of him.* What are you doing Ria?*his smiles his curious, but still dark.* ~ Rianie: *She looks down at him and closes her eyes a little. Her smile still showing a good time but yet dark at the same time. She makes a circle on his chest with her finger. Silent for the whole thing* ~ James: *he smiles seductively, laughing.* What are you planning my dear?*his eyes drop to her lips, wondering what they taste like.* ~ Rianie: *She smiles softly. Looking at him and following his gaze, knowing what he was looking at.* I dunno..... *She continues to draw minute circles on his chest with her finger.* ~ James: *he growls, then leans up and kisses her. He tastes strawberries in his mouth, it's seems to be intoxicating.* ~ Rianie: *She closes her eyes as he kisses her. She depens the kiss and lays fully on him, kissing him back.* ~ James: *his hands go on her shoulders, pushing her back as the kiss deepens. He looks at her, shaking his head and pulls out from under her.* Your going way to fast. ~ Rianie: *She shakes her head and looks down upon him.* Your the one who started it. *She looks at him, waiting for his answer.* ~ James: *he laughs.* Yeah well, I wasn't the one who pinned someone on the ground and got on top of them now was I? ~ Rianie: *She snickers a bit.* True, But I was just giving you a suggestion. You could have told me then, Now couldn't you? ~ James: Yes, I could have.*he then kisses at the pulse of her neck not being able to help himself.* ~ Rianie: *She giggles and outstreaches her neck, exposing her neck to him. Knowing that he can bite her at any time but not caring because she is with him.* ~ James: *his teeth graze her neck, before he bites down. He isn't hungry but he wants to please her. He traces one hand down to her waist, holding her tight.* ~ Rianie: *She just giggles as his fangs penetrate her neck. Closing her eyes and running her hand down her own side down to his. Laying her hand apon it.* ~ James: *he feels her hand rest over his, he bites her harder drawing out blood and letting it slip over his tongue.* ~ Rianie: She just continues to giggle and rolls her neck abit more to the side as she feels him bite down harder. She draws circles on the back of his hand with one of her fingers ~ James: *he hears her giggle, it bothers him makes him hesitant. He pulls back enough to up at her before pushing her off lightly and sitting up.* ~ Rianie: She looks over at him as he pulls away with confused eyes. He raises a brow at him "Somthing wrong?" ~ James: *he licks his lips to make her blood come off. He runs his fingers through his hair.* It's just...different not biting someone who is human. ~ Rianie: She looks down. A sad look comig to her face. "Oh. I know, I'm different from everyone else." ~ James: *his fangs slip away, he looks at her sadden expression and almost feels sick to his stomach because of it.* I mean, I've never meet someone like you. ~ Rianie: She sigs heavily and pulls her knees up to her chest. Folding her arms around them. She rests her chin on her knees and looks into the distance with a blank stare across her face. Not speaking. Still sad. ~ James: *he stares at her for a moment.* Why do you have to be like that? ~ Rianie: She continues to stare into bleakness. Speaking without looking at him. "Be like what?" ~ James: Cold, sad, all of the above. *he gets up and walks to a tree and leans back against it.* ~ Rianie: She looks over at him and sprigs up. Going to his side and sliding down the tree next to him. She leans into him with her shoulder. "I didn't meen it if I was." ~ James: *he glances over his shoulder, looking at her.* Fine.*he looks away and gazes toward the sky, a smirk slipping onto his lips.* ~ Rianie: *She raises a brow at him* What's so amusing? *Both her eyes and voice are full of question.* ~ James: You.*he looks back at her, the smirk still on his face and lighting up his eyes.* Your what's amusing. ~ Rianie: *She tilts her head to the side abit in question.* Me? How am I possibly amusing? ~ James: You just are, I don't know how to explain it.*he sighs, looking back up the sky.* ~ Rianie: *She lays her head on his shoulder and looks ouit over the meadow. She sighs.* Alright, If ya say so. ~ James: *he feels her rest her head on his shoulder, he thinks to himself. He rubs his hand against his arm, knowing this isn't going to last and he can't be with her.* ~